Marchman Act Testimonials


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~ DF and MF 2/2023

Joe saved our son’s life. Without the court mandated 90 days in Rehab that Joe secured with lightening speed, our son could never have broken free from the powerful and evil drug that was systematically destroying his life. Our consulting team, one of the best in the country, recommended Joe Considine and thank God they did. For months we’d fought to save our son’s life, a straight A student who’d fallen so hard and so fast into the nightmare world of hard drugs and addiction. Prior to working with Joe, while we’d succeeded in getting our son into Residential Treatment, we continued to suffer from a repeating cycle of heart breaking phone calls informing us that he’d left the program prematurely and relapsed. It was Joe’s ability to quickly obtain the Marchman Act mandate for 90 days of treatment that gave our son enough time for the drug to get out of his system and allow him to benefit from the care of his clinical team. While at first, the idea of going to court to obtain a court order to require our son to be in treatment felt like a daunting and worrisome step, we felt we had to do it to save his life. Looking back now, we believe it was the most impactful thing that we did. Our son believes this as well and points to this decision as the thing that made all the difference in his recovery. If you are considering whether or not to work with Joe and proceed with the Marchman Act, do it. It’s what changed everything for our son. It’s what saved his life. He’s now five months sober and embracing his recovery team’s advice. Joe was just amazing. He knows the Marchman Act and all of the players involved unlike anyone else. He moved so quickly and was always there for us with intelligence, solid advice and kindness. I am so grateful we found him. There aren’t enough words for me to express how strongly I recommend that you work with him.

~ J and KW 1/2023

It is very likely that Joe and his team were instrumental in sparing our family the unimaginable tragedy of being the broken parents of losing a child to the Fentynal crisis. We will forever be thankful for Joe’s quick action and for his knowledge regarding addiction and for his help guiding us through the Marchman Act.

~ Mike S. 1/2023

When our 18 year old son decided to check himself out of a rehab facility, Joe and his team reacted with incredible speed and efficiency in getting the Marchman's Order in place. As if that wasn't enough, with the Marchman's Order in hand, Joe went to the Palm Beach airport and worked with airport security and local law enforcement to intercept our son at the terminal as he attempted to return to our home State. Escorted to detox, it was soon evident that in the 48 hours since checking himself out, our son had immediately returned to heavy and serious drug use. After his intense anger subsided and through excellent counseling, our son eventually revealed that his life was in serious danger several times during those 48 hours. Nine months later, our son continues to advance in his recovery. We firmly believe that Joe and his team's efforts have saved our son's life. It is clear that Considine Law's efforts are not just their occupation, but truly their vocation. We are grateful beyond words to Joe and his team.

~ N&M 1/2022

We truly believe that you saved our son’s life. Before my wife and I met you, our son was dangerously unstable and completely resistant to treatment of any form. He would do anything to get drugs to satisfy his addiction and had escaped from every recovery center we sent him to. He had become an expert on manipulating the medical system and went from one hospital to another in order to get drugs. We would get calls in the middle of the night that he had overdosed and was in an ambulance on the way to an emergency room. A few days after each of these episodes, he would be released, and the cycle would start over again. We couldn’t sleep and were terrified every time the phone would ring, not knowing what terrible news to expect. We had just about given up all hope and were in a complete state of despair, fearing that the worst was about to happen. Then, thank god, we met Joe Considine. You explained to us that there was another option to help our son – the Marchman Act. Initially, the thought of using legal action to force our son to treatment was very frightening. You walked us through the process with kindness and understanding. You explained how you had dedicated your life to helping families like ours as a result of your own family experience with addiction. On the day of the hearing, the recovery center that we had selected for our son called to let us know that they could no longer accept him because he was too unstable. We were in a state of panic as the hearing was set to begin in a few hours. You, however, did not panic, and you immediately introduced us to another recovery facility, just in time for the hearing. As a result of your professionalism, the court ruled in our favor and remanded our son to treatment for 90 days. We know our son still has a long road to travel, but he has made enormous progress. He has completed his 90 days and is ready for the next phase of his journey. We and he are now finally hopeful for a brighter future, and we would not be here today without everything you have done for us. We remain eternally grateful to you.

~ P.H. & P.S. 11/2021

"Our efforts to convince our middle aged brother to seek treatment sooner were fruitless, and eventually his addiction culminated in a life threatening crisis. The Marchman Act petition we filed with Joe's expert advice left our brother with a simple choice to go to treatment or jail. He chose the treatment. Not only did Joe guide us through the entire legal process, but he also helped to connect us with resources to get our sibling the help he needed.

~ T.B. & S.M. 8/2021

"By initiating the Marchman Act, we were able to keep our son in treatment. Joe saved our son's life, so he could have a tomorrow. We are forever grateful.

~ R.M. 10/2020

"Joe Considine helped save my wife’s life and restored our family including allowing 2 children to have their mother back. With my wife suffering from Alcoholism and refusing to get treatment, I turned to Joe to get her court ordered rehab through the Marchman Act. Within 24 hours of my first call to Joe, we had a court order and the following day she was in rehab. Joe and his staff worked quickly and efficiently to ensure she received the treatment she needed. He kept me informed and sent me emails with all filings and communications with other parties throughout the process. He prepared me for the hearings and walked me through what to expect so I was fully prepared. There was a very difficult and uninformed opposing counsel who potentially could have derailed our efforts but Joe was able to push forward and get the court order for a full stint in rehab and sober living. Fast forward several months, and a family has been reunited and rebuilding their lives with total sobriety and 12 step programs. Joe is an attorney who is passionate about what he does and cares about his clients and their families. He is the first person you should call if a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction and needs help."

~ L.W. 10/2020

"Joe Considine was my attorney to enact The Marchman Act to save my daughters’ life. He was incredibly professional and thorough and walked me thru the process in a loving and understanding manner. I had NO idea a process like the Marchman Act existed and am telling many parents of drug addicted young adults of Joe’s knowledge and professionalism in this extremely emotional arena. Joe helped me move my daughter to a treatment center that fit her brain trauma-he is well connected and respected by the judges and the treatment centers alike which was so helpful in court. My daughter was treated with respect and dignity throughout this entire process. I highly recommend Joe and today my daughter is home, sober and amazingly back to work and her mind is functioning very well. The process of having legal repercussions for my daughter’s running and non-participation was enough incentive to keep her in treatment long enough to turn the corner. The process of having legal repercussions for my daughter’s running and non-participation was enough incentive to keep her in treatment long enough to turn the corner. I wish all parents knew of this opportunity and had Joe as a partner to help them. I will be available to speak with anyone about my process and the results-even if she shifts back to prior substance abuse, she has been given the best opportunity to save her life. I recommend this highly!"

~ Katie Beth Clark 9/2020

[A TESTIMONIAL TWIST: Usually these testimonials are from the client, who is usually the family member of the person in need of the Marchman Act. This grateful testimonial is from the actual recovered addict and has given permission to use her full name.]

"The Marchman Act saved my life. Many rehabs tell patients "your best thinking got you here." My experience was different. An interventionist got me to a rehab in Florida, and the Marchman Act kept me there. My best thinking got me arrested. My best thinking got me into hospitals with pancreatitis countless times. My best thinking had me accepting that I would die by 40, would never have kids, and an illusion that I was hurting no one around me, except myself. I was beyond angry when I saw Joe Considine and my family in court. "THEY KNEW NOTHING!". I was so sick that I needed the Marchman Act to give me the time to have a perception change; to see truth. Today I know that Joe is a guardian angel, and my family and friends are fighters. I am 31 years old, I have my entire life ahead of me, and I am a recovered alcoholic and addict. I can't even believe those words just came out of my mouth! The word gratitude doesn't even do justice for how thankful I am in my heart. Joe, thank you SO MUCH for giving my family the opportunity to save my life."

~ A.W. 9/2020

I utilized the Marchman Act recently to get help for my daughter who has struggled with substance use disorders. Joe Considine was my attorney during this process. He is extremely knowledgeable in this area of the law. He is not only an exceptional attorney, but also a knowledgeable, skilled and deeply networked addiction treatment professional. As the parent of an adult child whose struggles first brought me in contact with Joe and a licensed Psychotherapist and professional Interventionist, I can say that the Marchman Act is a very effective tool for families who have loved ones who struggle with addiction. Joe is a rare find and a valuable (if not essential) resource for discerning family members who are looking to help their loved one find some traction in life. Joe possesses a rare blend of professional savvy, heartfelt authenticity and day-to-day dedication to his work.

~ H.K. 9/2020

Taking the step for the Marchman Act was an incredibly difficult and emotional decision. Weighed against the other potential outcomes that I could see then and now it remains the best decision I could have made, I feel honestly the only true option left before tragedy. Since filing the Marchman Act case, and the corresponding treatment period, I’ve come to learn more about the mechanisms of the monster (addiction) and have been able to separate this from the addict, seeing them separately and without anger for the first time in so very long. I had no idea just how sick we both were even though I lived with it daily. The kindness you gave over the phone was a life ring for me, tossed just as I thought it was all over. Unexpectedly I have found much freedom from my own co-dependency, ongoing healing that I had not anticipated. You and I spoke more than once before moving forward and what convinced me of pursuing the Marchman Act was a comment you made about being able to tell my children that I had in fact exhausted all options to provide as much help as was possible, that I had left no stone unturned-in the event my wife’s life was cut short by addiction. I realize now that I hold no more power against addiction than does the addict that I love so deeply, but the Marchman Act has just enough power if coupled with the right treatment facility to give my addict the time to learn about themselves apart from their dependency and begin to heal. I am grateful that Florida has made this available and even more grateful for the your kindness and reassuring of experience in this. It works-Hallelujah it works. We live a different life today. The road is clearly long and imperfect, but it clearly has a new direction now.

~ D.C. & K.C 9/2020

Thank you and your colleagues for your professional service when we were down in Florida in May. The week we spent in Florida was a traumatic time. Your empathy and responsiveness is gratefully acknowledged. We can see how you must be a great asset to families in situations like ours.