The Marchman Act Process

Preparing a Marchman Act Case

The process is the preparation and filing of the necessary pleadings; scheduling and giving notice of the court hearings; and conducting the court hearings resulting in the court entering an order first for an assessment and secondly for treatment.

In our practice, in preparation for filing a Marchman Act case, we are aware that the paperwork and evidence must demonstrate to the Court that the individual meets the Marchman Act criteria for involuntary treatment.

That is why we meet with the addict’s family to obtain a detailed history of the addict/alcoholic’s substance abuse, behaviors, and the consequences of their behavior. The pleadings are prepared, filed and served on all necessary parties. There are hearings scheduled by the Court.

We spend a great deal of time to prepare witnesses in advance of the hearing so the evidence is properly presented to the Court. Then the Court conducts hearing at which time a treatment decision is made.

get history of substance abuse

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