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Joe Considine has the Marchman Act and Family Law Skills and Experience to Get The Results You Need

Joe Considine has the experience, negotiating skills and practical knowledge in Marchman Act, Family Law, and courtroom procedure to aggressively advocate for your interests, to fight for your future, to protect your children and to gain the independence you need to move on with your life. He is a persuasive litigator and innovative problem solver.

You need an experienced lawyer to handle your case. There are many rules of civil procedure and evidence that must be followed in court to optimize your chances of success. Many lawyers are unfamiliar with all of these rules. You need someone familiar with the courtroom and the local judges. Mr. Considine has litigated many different civil cases from divorces, contract disputes, Marchman Act cases, and significant personal injury cases over his long career as an attorney. While his practice is focused on divorce and family law cases, including Marchman Act, his experience is broad and extensive in the courtroom. He has practiced and tried cases before many of our local judges.

Joe Considine is the choice of many treatment centers who often refer clients to him. If your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, Joe Considine can help you choose the right solution to protect their best interests and as well as your family’s best interests through the Marchman Act.

Mr. Considine, using the Marchman Act, has the experience assisting families with the difficult decisions they are faced with when a loved one is in the midst of the devastation of drug addiction and/or alcoholism and is unwilling to seek help. He will get your loved into treatment.

Joe Considine has more than 30 years experience as a divorce attorney, handling different types of complex and more routine divorces. He understands you are concerned about your well-being, that of your children and your finances. Joe Considine has helped hundreds of people protect themselves and their children from the difficulties of divorce. He understands what is at stake when it comes to your family and he will act for you accordingly.

Decmber, 2020

The first step is to understand that the family is dealing with an active disease process that does not resolve itself without intervention and treatment. Treatment must occur, or nothing changes.
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What Our Clients are Saying...

Here are some TESTIMONIALS from families who have gone through the process and perhaps can provide some comfort, insight and help to families considering the Marchman Act:
Thanks Joe Testimonial
Joe Considine helped save my wife’s life and restored our family including allowing 2 children to have their mother back. With my wife suffering from Alcoholism and refusing to get treatment, I turned to Joe to get her court ordered rehab through the Marchman Act. Within 24 hours of my first call to Joe, we had a court order and the following day she was in rehab. Joe and his staff worked quickly and efficiently to ensure she received the treatment she needed. He kept me informed and sent me emails with all filings and communications with other parties throughout the process. He prepared me for the hearings and walked me through what to expect so I was fully prepared. There was a very difficult and uninformed opposing counsel who potentially could have derailed our efforts but Joe was able to push forward and get the court order for a full stint in rehab and sober living. Fast forward several months, and a family has been reunited and rebuilding their lives with total sobriety and 12 step programs. Joe is an attorney who is passionate about what he does and cares about his clients and their families. He is the first person you should call if a loved one is suffering from the disease of addiction and needs help.
R.M. 10/2020
...I had NO idea a process like the Marchman Act existed and am telling many parents of drug addicted young adults of Joe’s knowledge and professionalism in this extremely emotional arena. Joe helped me move my daughter to a treatment center that fit her brain trauma-he is well connected and respected by the judges and the treatment centers alike which was so helpful in court. My daughter was treated with respect and dignity throughout this entire process. I highly recommend Joe and today my daughter is home, sober and amazingly back to work and her mind is functioning very well. The process of having legal repercussions for my daughter’s running and non-participation was enough incentive to keep her in treatment long enough to turn the corner. I wish all parents knew of this opportunity and had Joe as a partner to help them...
L.W. 10/2020

A TESTIMONIAL TWIST: Usually these testimonials are from the client, usually the family member of the person in need of the Marchman Act. This grateful testimonial is from the actual recovered addict and has given permission to use her full name.

The Marchman Act saved my life. Many rehabs tell patients "your best thinking got you here." My experience was different. An interventionist got me to a rehab in Florida, and the Marchman Act kept me there. My best thinking got me arrested. My best thinking got me into hospitals with pancreatitis countless times. My best thinking had me accepting that I would die by 40, would never have kids, and an illusion that I was hurting no one around me, except myself. I was beyond angry when I saw Joe Considine and my family in court. "THEY KNEW NOTHING!". I was so sick that I needed the Marchman Act to give me the time to have a perception change; to see truth. Today I know that Joe is a guardian angel, and my family and friends are fighters. I am 31 years old, I have my entire life ahead of me, and I am a recovered alcoholic and addict. I can't even believe those words just came out of my mouth! The word gratitude doesn't even do justice for how thankful I am in my heart. Joe, thank you SO MUCH for giving my family the opportunity to save my life.
Katie Beth Clark 9/2020

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