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Joe Considine has practiced law in South Florida since 1983. He works extensively as an attorney with families whose loved ones have substance abuse and mental health problems. Read below some of the testimonials from families who have gone through the process. Perhaps they can provide some comfort and help families who are considering whether to file a Marchman Act proceeding.

Quotations from Considine Clients
It is with my deepest gratitude that I highly recommend Joe Considine as an outstanding attorney and advisor for expertly implementing Florida’s Marchman Act. My beautiful 34 year old daughter was not going to live much longer when my brother-in-law found Joe. Her opiate and cocaine addictions fueled by traumatic events and a long time anxiety disorder had taken her over. Even though my daughter had detoxed and gone through multiple addiction programs in the past two years and before, she would get out and immediately relapse every time. My daughter needed a dual diagnosis holistic program provided by highly trained and experienced professionals. After doing a detailed intake as to my daughter’s case, Joe helped us to navigate so many necessary steps in finally getting her the help that she needed. Joe referred us to the perfect program with caring, experienced professionals that was an informative, nurturing environment for her healing to begin. As is so common, my daughter kept wanting to leave intensive treatment prior to being ready. Joe was both compassionate but instrumental in our getting professional recommendations to follow to give her the best chance at recovering and staying clean. We had to extend the Marchman Act in order to find and keep my daughter in Intensive Out Patient, (IOP), treatment. After residential treatment at Hanley Center at Origins, Hanley helped us to find a location where she could get involved with a strong network of aftercare support with a location that was the best for her. Joe is so experienced and so deeply caring for individuals possessed with life threatening addictions and, also, for the families who love them. I trust him and his advice unconditionally and am so happy to say that I feel that my daughter can do it this time. She really likes the NA meetings and the recovered individuals who she is meeting who have been recovered from their addictions for years. She is using the mindfulness training and medical treatment that she received when at the Hanley Center at Origins to manage her anxiety and is feeling healthy and stronger than she has been in over a decade. God bless you Joe. It is clear that this is your life mission.
I don't know whether my father would be alive today if it were not for the Marchman Act. He was in a place where he could not stop himself from heavily abusing alcohol. We did everything we could as a family and without the help of the court to intervene. Through the Marchman Act, Mr. Considine was able to use the courts to require my father to undergo the treatment he needed in the controlled environment he needed. Today, my father is 16 months sober and enjoying life. We have time with him now that I did not think I would have. The Marchman Act is a wonderful resource for families dealing with serious substance abuse issues.
Substance abuse is difficult to address. Families often feel helpless and have problems coping with their loved one's lack of understanding that there is even an issue. The addicted person generally doesn't see anything wrong. In a lot of cases, waiting for the abuser to "hit rock bottom" is too dangerous a tack and ends in overdose. The Marchman Act allows concerned family members to address the abuse, hopefully in time to save a life. The Act makes it possible for the family to compel treatment, even though the abuser might deny they really have a problem, even when it is clear to everyone around them that they are in serious jeopardy. Invoking the Marchman is an effective tool. Overcoming the addiction with treatment is not an easy or foolproof process, but it gives the addict the chance to recover, whether they initially want to or not.
I am writing to thank you for your guidance and compassion. My niece has been in and out of Rehab facilities for years. She has been unable to overcome her addiction to opioids, heroin and cocaine. As her trustee I was about to throw my hands up in despair. The heart wrenching details of the activities she was engaging in to secretly supply her habit demonstrated how far the disease had progressed. I didn’t know where to turn next, but as a lawyer, I had heard of the Marchman Act. By a stroke of good luck, I was recommended to you. Your knowledge, experience and deep commitment to your clients is a result of your own life story. Your willingness to share and empathize with your clients makes you unique and invaluable. You have been there every moment; standing by my niece, her Mother and me. Your advice has helped to make the first real in-roads and has restored our hope that with constant vigilance and support, my niece will successfully continue to treat this disease. She is a very bright and lovely young woman with a beautiful toddler daughter. She loves her child and her child needs her. But we have seen that bond hasn’t been enough to ward off these demons. The intense treatment and counseling you have recommended and implemented is the key. Thanks also for your insight on this disease and the proper ways to view it and respond. Your advice on meditation was helpful beyond description. The books you recommended on meditation and mindfulness have helped me immensely; well beyond the issue you were hired to handle. You should take pride in knowing that you are a true counselor. You have dedicated your life to saving and improving the lives of others. There is no higher calling.
Joe, I had lost all hope. I could no longer live with the alcoholic/addict in my life. I had realized that he would not could not ever make the proper decision to seek treatment. Thank goodness for the professionals we reached out to who educated us on the availability of Marchman Act. Florida’s Marchman Act gives families and anyone else who loves a good person who has a problem with an addiction to alcohol or drugs a way to make the decision for them and provide certainty that there will be treatment and that there is hope. Rather than allow the alcoholic/addict to choose whether or not to get treatment, it allows the professionals to assess and advise the court. Of course, there is room for discussion from the alcoholic/addict and their input is greatly valued. I found in my case that once we had moved forward that my husband realized that it was the right choice. In fact, I think he felt relieved. I would recommend to all those struggling to find an answer for how to get proper treatment for someone who is deeply in denial about their addiction to seek advice and education on the Marchman Act. We so needed your expertise, experience and insight to help us navigate a really rough situation in a swift and delicate manner. Your advice and care eased the minds of our entire family and the pain we initially felt in using the Marchman Act to save a loved one’s life. Your way of explaining that we were doing the right thing made it a much easier decision. We are very fortunate that there is a Marchman Act and that there is a Joe Considine.
Joe, thanks for the information. ** has finished her treatment, and sober living phase. She is back in **, and in an out patient program. She just received her six months sober token with AA last week. She is integrating well with her children, and is on the right track. We are still in a legal battle with the father of her children, and hopefully soon ** will be filing for custody of the children herself. Wish us luck! My wife and I want to thank you for all of your help. The Marchman Act in my opinion was the determining factor in keeping her in the ** Center and receiving the proper care. Thanks again.
…That was coming up on 4 years ago now. My brother, ** is doing well and it probably saved his life. I do not regret having using the Marchman Act to get him into treatment and would do it again if needed. Thank you for your help in assisting our family with the process.
My family appreciated very much Mr. Considine’s counsel and legal work preparing a Petition for our loved one. Although ultimately, we did not have to file the Petition, it was a necessary safety net to insure that our loved one remained in recovery. It was a difficult decision, but one that provided our family with peace of mind that we were doing everything possible to insure a successful recovery. Mr. Considine is a wonderful and caring attorney whose interest is only in helping his clients and those they love.
Our family had suffered the loss of a sister from alcoholism. After her death, my brother’s substance use disorder spiraled out of control. He was on the same trajectory as my sister with his drinking, but his problem was compounded by a long standing addiction to opiates. He was in and out of short term detox and mental health facilities, but repeatedly refused follow up addiction treatment. He became homeless and we stopped hearing from him. We filed a Missing Persons Report with the Sheriff's Department. We were terrified that we were going to lose another family member to a foe that at times seemed invincible. When we were alerted that my brother had been admitted to the hospital, we knew we only had a short window of opportunity to help him. We called Joe Considine. Joe's calm and reassuring manner allayed my mother's fears and gave us hope. He responded swiftly, and adeptly accomplished what we had not been able to do for my sister. On Mother's Day, my brother went directly from his hospital bed to detox. Five months later he was successfully discharged from treatment. He has reunited with his children and interacts with his grandchildren, who he barely knew, on an almost daily basis. I am forever grateful to Joe for this priceless gift. We could not have done it without him. Joe is incredibly masterful and knowledgeable when it comes to the law. And his understanding of the disease of addiction and how it affects the brain and, subsequently, the behavior of addicts and alcoholics is comprehensive. But in my opinion, what truly makes Joe exceptional is his passion and compassion. In working with him, it is obvious that he has a deep passion and desire to make a difference. But watch and listen to how he personally interacts and communicates. And you will see clearly that it is his compassion for those afflicted by the disease of addiction, AND those who love them, that takes his knowledge and legal expertise to another level and truly effectuates his success in making that difference. You can't put a price on that. Joe, there are no words to express our family's profound gratitude to you for your incomparable expertise, passion, and compassion. Except maybe from my mother, who said that my brother entering detox and beginning his journey of recovery on Mother's Day was "the greatest Mother’s Day gift she's ever received." Thank you, Counselor.

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