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Initiating the Marchman Act

Starting help through the Marchman Act

WHO CAN INITIATE THE MARCHMAN ACT? A family member, spouse, or any unrelated individual, such as a friend with knowledge of the substance use, can file the Marchman Act pleadings.

Since the Marchman Act is a legal proceeding and the rules of procedure and evidence apply, it is best to have wise counsel from the onset. Joe Considine has advised over 100 families and prepared the necessary pleadings and paperwork required by the courts in Florida to start the process of getting loved ones help. Joe Considine has a detailed understanding of the criteria, intricacies and timelines of the Marchman Act.

The first step in helping a person who is abusing substances is to bring awareness of the problem to light. Shedding light on the problem is something that you have likely been attempting for some time now. If talking to your loved one is not working, you can take additional steps to protect yourself and your loved one from the devastating effects of substance abuse.

Many treatment centers and mental health professionals refer families to Joe Considine to help the addict and alcoholic. Joe Considine writes extensively and has published many articles on the Marchman Act. He regularly speaks to groups of mental health expert and treatment professionals.

If your loved one is suffering from substance abuse, contact the office at (561) 655-8081 for a confidential consultation. Substance abuse is not a problem that cures itself. Call Joe Considine to help you - help them get the treatment and services they need.

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