Collaborative Law

Avoid uncertain outcomes by choosing a collaborative divorce

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative law, or collaborative divorce, is a legal process enabling couples who agree to separate or end their marriage to work with legal counsel to avoid the uncertain outcome of court and to achieve a mutually beneficial settlement.

Joe Considine is trained in collaborative divorce and has experience in settling divorce cases using the collaborative method. Collaborative divorce is a sane, cost effective way to get a divorce.

The collaborative process and mediation may allow you to end your marriage with much less stress and much deeper conflict resolution than litigation.  Through private consultation, Joe Considine will work with you to identify your best interests and to determine strategy and procedure.

The goal of the collaborative divorce process is to achieve the fairest and most equitable solution for all members of the family. The emphasis is on solutions for the welfare of each family member and not on legal battles and court dates. By using a series of facilitated meetings, the collaborative divorce process can determine the true needs and wants of each party, which assets are best suited for each person, and what type of custody arrangement is in the best interest of the children. The Collaborative divorce process takes the bitterness out of divorce.

If Collaborative Divorce sounds like a better way to handle the dissolution of your marriage, contact Joe so he can start helping your family amicably move on to the next steps in your lives.

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