Family Law

Family Law

Joe Considine: Practicing Family Law since 1985

Family Law allows for the orderly dissolution of marriage or paternity determination, determinations of time sharing with children, alimony, child support and property distributions so that families can have the certainty they need as they move forward.

Since 1985 the trusted experience of lawyer Joe Considine has provided legal counsel to people who have made the difficult decision to divorce. Advocating on their behalf in circumstances planned or unplanned, attorney Joe Considine has for many years provided skillful and confident advice to people in need. In addition, Mr. Considine has been specially trained in the Collaborative Divorce Process, a unique alternative to costly litigation in family law matters.

Florida family law attorney Joseph M. Considine was a Certified Public Accountant with a national accounting firm before he started practicing divorce law and knows how to find hidden money and assets. His skills and knowledge will be put to work for you, so you can relax and take care of yourself.  You will know that your interests will be safeguarded.

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West Palm Beach Attorney Joe Considine has been rated Excellent by and is a former C.P.A. with over 1500 litigated cases.
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